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Asian Surrogacy

About US

To keep the body in good health is our duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” – Gautama Buddha.

In order to have good health, apart from clean habits, healthy life style, periodic evaluation after certain age and proper diagnosis and treatments when we are sick are very essential. The central idea of Asian Diagnostics has been the above lines.

Asian Diagnostics, is situated in the heart of Economical capital of India, Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, with space and technology being our biggest assets, we offer Quality services at competitive prices in the areas of consultation, Diagnosis, Physiotherapy and health care research.

We at Asian Diagnostics provide excellent services in pathology, Biochemistry, Histopathology. We are equipped with cutting edge technology tools, state of the art machinery and equipment. We have got biochemical auto analyzers, Hormone markers, PCR, Ultra Sound and Doppler. We have accorded highest priority to good service practices an in an effort to maintain highest quality standards.

Supported by an excellent team of doctors, medical, paramedical and technical staff we constantly thrive at providing quality health care services to our customers. Apart from taking care of individual patients, we have exclusive attachment with a number of corporates. We have expertise in providing Annual Health Check-Ups, Periodical Health Check-ups and pre- employment medical reports with almost confidentiality.

We are providing variety of blood and urine test at our center. The precise reports are generated on few of the most advanced machine and reports are delivered in few hours. You also have facility to view reports online through your personal login. Our home service is excellent and fast which will provide you best option in industry.

The whole Donor Concierge team and I look forward to working with you as you seek that perfect egg donor who fits into your family or the surrogate who will cherish her precious cargo as if it were her own. Let us know how we can help.