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Asian Surrogacy

Quality Assurance

We follow excellent Quality Control and Standardization procedures in all aspects of Laboratory Medicine and this is of fundamental importance for us for the provision of clinical diagnosis and optimal patient-care.

Proficiency Testing

Proficiency testing determines the performance of individual laboratories for specific tests or measurements and is used to monitor laboratories continuing

Proficiency testing involves a group of laboratories or analysts performing the same analysis on the same samples and comparing results. The key requirements of such comparisons are that the samples are homogeneous and stable and also that the set of samples analyzed are appropriate to test and display similarities and differences in results.

We are committed to perform proficiency testing on regular basis to ensure the best quality of our services.

Tests for genital herpes are not always available, so we ask you to let us know if you have ever had an outbreak of the infection in the past. This is very important.
The tests may need to be repeated before you start inseminations, depending on how much time passes between these tests and starting to work with your IPs. At that point it may also be agreed that your partner (if you have one) should be tested. These decisions will be discussed at your agreement session.